Website copy

A website is like a shop window. It often gives people their very first impression of your business. You wouldn’t want an empty and boring display, but you wouldn’t want it over-the-top, unorganised and scruffy either. It’s all about getting the perfect balance.

It’s the same with your website. The copy has to be clear. It has to be crisp. It has to get your message across, along with a taste of your brand. It has to entice people in, to tempt them to explore your product and discover what you can offer. Simply put, web copy has to excite.

I create this type of copy. I will show your customers why your business is the best and why they should contact you.


You’re a busy business owner. You know the importance of blogging to spread your brand’s message but you just simply don’t have the time.

Time to give me a call!

I can provide you with regular blog content on subjects chosen by you. Or if you’re not sure what you should be writing about, I can  suggest topics for you based on your business, target audience and market. I can even help you with a content schedule.

Whether you need a one-off, or several blogs a month, I can deliver whatever you need. I’ve been in the copywriting and journalism game for almost 15 years and during that time I’ve written about pretty much everything from finance and law to luxury hotels and restaurants. So you can trust me to make your business – whatever the sector – stand out with well-crafted, solidly-researched copy.

Proofreading and editing

As a former editor and self-confessed grammar geek, I love nothing more than searching for a misplaced comma or a big fat typo.

Trust me with any copy you already have – whether you want a quick spelling and grammar check, a more detailed edit or a complete rewrite – I will make sure your copy is as perfect as it can be without diluting the personality of your brand.

I also proofread and reference check academic material such as dissertations and formal reports with complete confidentiality and discretion guaranteed. I also offer a proofreading and editing service for authors of both fiction and non-fiction works, so whatever your project, get in touch and I’ll let you know if I’ve done it before!

What my clients say

It’s embarrassing to blow my own trumpet, so I’ll let my clients do it for me…

Fancy a chat?

Please give me a call or drop me a line, so we can discuss how I can help you with your content.